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After your rental:

Place the garment in the pre-paid return bag and drop it to your local post office! Returns must be sent next working day following your event (usually Monday if booked on the weekend). 

E.g if you hired a garment the Saturday you are to post the garment(s) the following day which would be the (Monday). If you hired a garment on a working day for example, Tuesday you are required to post the dress the following working day (which would be the Wednesday). 

Returns can be organised by collection from your house through the NZ Post Website or dropping to your nearest NZ Post Office. Collection from your house you are responsible for the garment to be picked up on the next working day, if not collected you will be liable for late fees and missed existing rentals. We advise booking a pick up from your house earlier the better. If you are dropping to your nearest NZ Post Office, drops offs need to be done 3pm the next working day

Do not place returns in the drop boxes outside as this will delay returns and you will be liable for late fees, missed rentals and lost garment(s).. 

In the circumstance you lose or misplace your return bag you are required to purchase a new shipping bag from your nearest NZ Post Shop with overnight courier and tracking. If you fail to attach overnight courier and tracking you are liable to cover any late fees, missed rentals or lost garment(s). 

Fees will apply if rentals are returned late, you will be liable to cover any missed rentals.

To avoid being charged, please only post via an NZ Post Office. Not a dairy, gas station, drop-box or any other 3rd party postal services - As this can cause a delay. 

Drop off orders: Please drop your garment off the next working day to the original address you collected from. Failure to do so will result in late fees. 

Late fees: 

If you have failed to return the next working day, late fees start at $20 for the first day it is late and then increases $5 per day following the first day for that same week.

After that, an additional $20 is attached onto the existing late fee per week it is late. 

You are liable to cover the late fees, any missed rentals or lost garment(s). 

  Late Fee Price
One day late  $25
Two days late  $30
Three days late  $35
Four days late  $40
Every week following the first week Additional $20


*Note: Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Policy before renting from Pretty Little Hires NZ.